Shelby County landfill expansion underway

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer

Shelby County citizens now have a larger place to dispose of their waste. At least for the next 10 years, according to Chad Scroggins, environmental supervisor for Shelby County Environmental Services.

The county landfill is being expanded to include a new cell. Cell number four, as Scroggins refers to it, is an additional 18.5 acres of floor space area. The new space will meet the needs of customers for the next 10 years.

The liner, which is a critical portion of the expansion, is currently being installed.

“It’s really a two part liner,” Scroggins said. The first layer is a geosynthetic composite liner, which acts as a semi-concrete bottom, and the second layer is a high-density liner.

“The high-density liner is double welded and goes under a lot of quality control to ensure no liquid can penetrate,” Scroggins added. “The liner is the key piece to it all.”

Both liners are approximately 75 percent installed and the contractor can install 50,000 square feet per day, providing there are no inclement weather issues.

The expansion was made to meet the long-term needs of households in Shelby County.

“You have to have a place to deposit the municipal solid waste,” Scroggins said.

According to Scroggins, the anticipated completion date is late February, as long as there are no major weather setbacks.