A bed fit for a queen

Harold Miller crafted the custom bed for Vincent resident Melissa Hawk. (Reporter Photo / Nicole Loggins)

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer

Melissa Hawk has a bed fit for a queen, complete with pink polka dot sheets.

The 28-year-old Vincent resident has cerebral palsy. A condition that affects brain and nervous system functions, and requires substantial care. A job that her mother Gloria Hawk has conquered with ease, or what seems like it.

Melissa Hawk was relatively comfortable on a futon mattress in her parents’ living room floor, but she struggled to see visitors or watch television and for Gloria Hawk, lifting Melissa Hawk from the floor was taxing.

“Everyone always told me to get a hospital bed, but for her, that would have never worked,” Gloria Hawk said. “She moves a lot when she’s excited or if something’s bothering her.”

So Gloria Hawk reached out to Harold Miller, a retiree who enjoys carpentry in his spare time. Miller had made numerous pieces of furniture for the Hawks prior and Gloria and her husband knew he would be the perfect person to fashion Melissa Hawk a custom bed.

According to Miller, the custom cedar bed took two weeks to complete.

“They told me what they needed and I wanted to build it. They gave me an idea and I took it from there,” said Miller.

Gloria and Melissa Hawk enjoy the cedar piece created by Harold Miller. (Reporter Photo / Nicole Loggins)

Miller created Melissa Hawk a solid cedar four-post bed, complete with removable plexiglass sides so she can see out, massive built-in drawers for storage and a heart made of cedar affixed to the end of the bed.

“It’s the first time she’s ever had anything like this,” Gloria Hawk said smiling. “He put a lot of tender loving care into this for her.”

Melissa Hawk is now able to enjoy her elevated view of visitors and other activities going on in the house and play with her Chihuahua mix, who refuses to leave her side.

Gloria Hawk has found the new bed to be very helpful and convenient in her caring for Melissa Hawk. The bed will reduce the amount of lifting that she has to do and she can even join Melissa Hawk in the bed.

“He’s a miracle worker,” Gloria Hawk said of Miller. “He’s very talented.”

Miller builds numerous types of cedar furniture including rockers, swings, chests and beds. For those that may be interested in Miller’s creations please contact 672-8501 for more information.