Students undergo holiday makeovers

Mandi Pulsifer styles ninth grader Ryan Johnson's hair at the Hair Barn Feb. 7 (Reporter photo/Christine Boatwright)


SHELBY – Students from a special education class at Shelby County High School visited a local barbershop to learn new skills for transitioning into the community.

Special education teacher Soli Walker bused her 10 special-needs students to the Hair Barn in Shelby to teach them what to ask for when receiving a haircut, how to pay for the service and how to spiff up for Valentine’s Day.

Walker said the class makes a monthly outing to local businesses to learn about the businesses, but also visit future employers.

“We’re looking for businesses in Shelby County where they can potentially get jobs,” Walker said. “It has to be an ideal place where parents could bring them.”

The students took before-and-after photos during their visit to the Hair Barn, which is located off Shelby County 47 in Shelby.

“This shows them what they need to do to go out to eat or for a job interview,” Walker said. “They’ve been able to truly feel good about themselves.”

Walker had the students pay for their haircuts individually from money the class had raised through a previous fundraiser.

Mandi Pulsifer, owner of the Hair Barn, made over the students on Feb. 7, which is typically her day off. Pulsifer’s 14-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a member of the transitional class.

“It’s a pleasure to get them all pretty for Valentine’s Day,” Pulsifer said. “They knew what they wanted when they came in.”

Walker said businesses in the community help the students learn about future employment opportunities.

“Having community support is so important and helpful,” Walker said.