Life Well meets physical needs

Life Well Ministries held a clothing giveaway this past year for those in need. On March 3, the Chelsea Community Church ministry will hold another event at the church. (Contributed)


CHELSEA – A few years ago, two women from Chelsea Community Church decided they wanted to do more for their community. When the pastor of the church paired the two together, they discovered they had a similar vision and calling. Soon after, Life Well Ministries began.

“For me, for a couple of years, I had been having this feeling I wanted to do something. I wanted to do more than what I was doing. I work full time and have a family,” Andrea Adkins said. “It was about the time the earthquake happened in Haiti, and I heard about all these mission trips. I so wanted to do something like that, but I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t have the finances or the time to take to do that. I wanted to do something.”

Adkins met with her pastor, Greg Davis, and asked if the church had any type of local ministry. He asked if she was volunteering to head up a ministry.

“I never considered myself a leader. I told him what I had been feeling,” Adkins said. “I’ve always been in ministry in some way or another. I have a singing ministry, but I felt like it was something more. I went to him and shared my heart.”

Sherry DeSantis reached out to Davis, as well, and the pastor got the two women together.

“Our vision was almost the same,” Adkins said. “She wanted to reach out and help people and meet their physical needs.”

Life Well Ministry’s first event was held at the end of July 2011.

Life Well provided back-to-school supplies during a July event in Chelsea. (Contributed)

“People came for clothing and back-to-school supplies. Kids got free haircuts,” DeSantis said. “About 103 kids came through. We’re trying to get the word out to those who need help.”

The ministry assists families in financial need, as those who come must bring proof of income and identification on their first visit to the ministry.

On March 3, from 9 a.m. to noon, Life Well is holding a health and wellness day. DeSantis said there will be doctors and nurses available for health screenings, as well as healthy food, clothing and haircuts. A Zumba instructor will also be on hand to offer free Zumba classes.

The ministry’s name came from John 4:14, when Jesus is speaking with the woman at the well, Adkins said.

“She went to the well that day for water, but instead met Jesus,” Adkins said. “She went there to meet a physical need for her life, but instead she met the Lord, and he gave her eternal life. That’s how Life Well came about.

“We want to attract people by meeting physical needs through food, through clothing. Every quarter we try to do this. We try to do different things,” Adkins added. “Our main goal is to attract them by meeting their physical needs first, but while they’re there, sharing the love of Jesus with them and hopefully bringing them to that eternal life.”