Lloyd’s Restaurant hits 75th milestone

However, Lloyd’s has kept the same atmosphere even if the roadway hasn’t.

“We’ve kept the same basic menu,” Stevens said. “We’re trying to stay up with the times but also keep the past alive. We carry the same atmosphere as we had before and keep the same quality food we had before.”

As always, hamburger steak is Lloyd’s most popular item. Fried chicken and catfish are other popular entrees, he said.

Customers who have eaten at Lloyd’s for decades are bringing their children and grandchildren to sample the hamburger steak and homemade vegetables, Stevens said.

“This is my 41st year. I see the generations of people who came here as kids with their parents and come back,” he said. “I’m glad people have good memories of Lloyd’s.”

When customer Charles Davis stopped by Stevens’ table to chat, Stevens shook his hand and said, “This is one of my oldest customers right here.”

“I’ve been here as long as you have. 41 years,” Davis responded. “I drive that big truck outside, and I had to stop and get my hamburger steak.”

Davis said when he’s at home eight miles away, he and his wife often make the trip to Lloyd’s.

Stevens said Davis and his wife are typical customers.

“Most people enjoy coming here. It feels like home. They feel like they are in their own kitchen, sitting at their own table,” Stevens said. “That’s one of the gratifying things about this place.”

While no 75th anniversary celebrations are planned, Stevens does have some projects to do. The cedar siding on the outside of the restaurant is being replaced, and Stevens hopes to “spruce up” the place by putting in a new floor and new kitchen equipment, redecorating with some fresh paint and hangings and putting up more light fixtures outside.

“We’re just going to keep going,” he said. “It’s exciting that we’ve been here that long. We appreciate people coming here.”

For more information about Lloyd’s, go to Lloyds280.com.