Tracking cities’ financial health, part 2


The biggest percentage of Wilsonville’s budget is made up of sales and property taxes, according to Mayor Rosemary Liveoak. Approximately 44 percent of the budget is made up of sales tax revenue.

The town has “a good amount” in reserves.

“We could go a couple of years,” Liveoak said. Wilsonville has $4.7 million in total net assets.

Wilsonville has seen no significant changes in the infrastructure of the town, although the city has grown by almost 400 since the last census, bringing the total population to more than 1,800.

A new librarian has been hired to extend the hours of the town library. Two new businesses have been added, Reggie’s Cafe is the newest restaurant in the area and a transmission repair business is expected to open in the near future.

Despite the new businesses, Wilsonville’s revenue is down by 5 to 6 percent, Liveoak said.

“People support business here so I didn’t see as big of a change in revenue as some other mayors,” she said.