UM enjoying national exposure

Although the University of Montevallo Falcons fell just short of a national title in NCAA Division II men’s basketball, the players accomplished something that had never been done in UM history — making it to a national title game.

That alone is a major milestone, and although we know UM players and fans wish the outcome had been different, this accomplishment can change the future for UM.

The basketball team’s hard work should pave the road for new goals for UM athletics. Players and coaches on the team now know what it’s like to play for it all, and they’ll set their goals high to match their experiences.

Other athletic teams at UM should draw inspiration from the men’s basketball club and set their expectations high as well.

During its deep tournament run, the UM men’s basketball team also raised the university’s national profile, showing off Montevallo purple and gold to every tournament attendee and every fan watching on TV and on the Internet.

UM Vice President for Business Affairs DeAnna Smith said it best: “It’s (public relations) we couldn’t buy anywhere else.”

After UM’s appearance on TV, people from across the country will be interested to learn more about Alabama’s only public liberal arts college. We wouldn’t be surprised to find that UM receives more applications for admission as a result of the team’s excellent performance in the NCAA tournament.

UM deserved its moment in the sun, and we hope the college’s administrators, students and advocates will make the most of it.

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.