No charges coming after boy struck by truck

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

A 9-year-old boy who was struck by a truck in Pelham’s Chandalar subdivision is still being treated for his injuries at Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital, and police said they have ruled the incident an accident.

The boy was airlifted to Children’s Hospital with severe injuries shortly after 4 p.m. on March 26 after he was struck by a pickup truck on Hamilton Road.

On March 29, Pelham Police Department Capt. Larry Palmer said the boy was still listed in critical condition.

“Our hopes and prayers are that he will continue to improve and make it through this,” Palmer said.

Palmer said police have completed their investigation into the matter, and will not be bringing charges against the driver of the pickup truck. Palmer said the boy rode a scooter down a driveway and entered the street in front of the truck.

“It was an unfortunate accident. Nobody did anything wrong,” Palmer said. “The boy was playing in the driveway on a Razor (scooter), and the driveway sloped down onto the road.

“There are some shrubs that were obstructing the view of the truck, and unfortunately, the two met in the middle of the road,” Palmer added.

Palmer said the boy was not wearing a helmet, and suffered head injuries in the accident.

“One thing I would like to put out there to the parents is if your kid plays on a scooter, a bike or a skateboard, please make them wear a safety helmet,” Palmer said.