Columbiana approves sign ordinance change

Published 9:21 am Wednesday, April 4, 2012


COLUMBIANA — The Columbiana City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the city sign ordinance at its April 3 meeting.

According to previous reports, the amendment would affect banner and
shingle signs within the city limits.

According to the proposed ordinance amendment, shingle signs are 3-feet by 1-and-a-half feet signs suspended from an overhang, canopy or awning or supported from a mounting attached directly to the building and hanging perpendicular to the building wall.

The amendment contains multiple guidelines for banners. Banners must be professionally printed, no larger than 32 square feet, securely positioned and not fixed to utility poles, trees, fences or other similar objects.

The City Council heard from two City Council members who are also local merchants in favor of the amendment.

Jim Strickland switched roles from council member to a member of the Columbiana Merchants and Professionals Association to voice his opinion on the amendment.

“If the merchants sell more, the city gets more sales tax,” Strickland said. “I felt it was my position to be a liaison and allow the ordinance to have its day in the sun.”

Strickland relayed information that showed the support of the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Merchants and Professionals Association.

City Council member Stancil Handley, who operates an optometry business on Main Street, said he was glad to see the sign ordinance amended to benefit both merchants and consumers.

“This amendment has been worked on a long time and I’m glad it has gotten so far,” Handley said. “It was unanimously recommended by the merchants association that this be approved.”

Handley said he has polled various local merchants and other members of the Merchants and Professionals Association and “there has not been a single objection.”

“I think the merchants are happy their voices have been heard,” Handley said. “The banners, in my mind, will allow the merchants to advertise their wares. The shingle signs will allow the merchants to be seen a block away.”

Mayor Allan Lowe also said the amendment would give merchants more opportunities to promote their businesses.

“It will give the business owners more options to promote their business and products and services,” he said. “Shoppers can also be more aware of the products and services they offer.”