‘Til death do us part


While embalming is an “art within itself,” Caldwell said, the profession’s impact involves community involvement.

“Being in a community and involved with people, you relate back to those actions throughout life, and it makes you a better person,” Caldwell said. “It helps me with closure. I know that person and am glad they chose us because I can facilitate what the family wants and needs.”

Loveless said it’s a tough business, as it runs “Monday to Monday.”

“Wherever we’re needed, we’re there,” Gilliland said, “even if they live here and want to be buried 100 miles away.”

Caldwell said he sees people joining the funeral home business for financial reward.

“A lot of people are getting into too much business and losing the personal touch,” Caldwell said.

“It’s about servitude,” he added. “You have to have that mentality. We’re here to serve, not to dictate. We’re caring for families and making a difference.”