Indian Springs mayor won’t run again

By AMY JONES / Associate Editor

INDIAN SPRINGS — As Indian Springs Mayor Steve Zerkis approaches the end of his second term in office, he said he feels content with what he’s accomplished — and that’s why he’s walking away.

“This is the end of my second term in office. It’s time to let someone else go in,” he said. “We’re not professional politicians here. We’re residents who volunteer our time.”

Steve Zerkis

Zerkis said he feels that he and the town council have stuck close to the town’s comprehensive plan, which calls for the town to remain as undeveloped and green as possible.

“It’s still green and we love it that way,” Zerkis said.

Of course, other obligations are also calling for his attention. Zerkis has a young grandson who lives in the Chicago area, and he’d like to have more time to travel to see family and the wonders of the world.

“I’ve got a grandchild I want to go play with. We want to do a little bit of traveling, and it’s time to be able to go and do these things,” Zerkis said. “I hate to leave in one sense, but you need to start developing other people in town for these positions.”

Zerkis said he supports current council member Brenda Bell-Guercio in her run for the mayor’s seat. Bell-Guercio has been on the council for eight years.

“I think she’s exceptionally well-qualified. She’s been involved in every decision we’ve made and every change we’ve made here,” he said. “I think she’d make a superb mayor.”

Zerkis plans to stay involved with the Indian Springs community, and said he’d be happy to offer his expertise to the next mayor and council.

“I would be more than glad to be helpful. I’m a phone call away,” he said.