Council approves lighting for CHS’ practice field


CHELSEA – The Chelsea City Council unanimously approved the accepting of bids for the construction of four light poles on the Chelsea High School practice football field during the July 17 City Council meeting.

Mayor Earl Niven said he expects to let bids during the week of July 22, and looks for an early October completion date for the project.

“They’re needed not only for the high school, but also for youth and parking for Friday night ball games,” Niven said.

The mayor also discussed the potential rerouting of Shelby County 47 and Shelby County 39.

“This is one of the most critical things that needs to be done in the city of Chelsea,” Niven said. “The traffic backs up to 280 on school mornings.”

Niven said the rerouting would cost approximately $2.5 million.

In other news, the council also approved a list of poll workers for the 2012 municipal election to be held Aug. 28.