Ward presides over Uniform Law Conference session


State Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, recently presided over a session about implementing uniform regulations dealing with the manufactured housing industry.


“I am honored to have the privilege to preside at The Uniform Law Conference,” Ward said. “This organization really does yeoman’s work in coming up with sensible legislation that can be implemented at the state level – allowing industries to have a uniform standard to conform to, and not have to implement tedious state-by-state regulations.”

Ward said the manufactured housing industry is an area ripe for uniform legislation. They are often produced in one state, and transported to another. When industries can be certain that they will not be subject to onerous legislation, they are better able to expand and thrive – creating jobs and opportunities for all Americans, Ward said.

“That’s really what our job as legislators is all about right now – finding ways to help industries get back on track, and produce jobs for our constituents,” Ward said. “I know our friends in the Manufactured Housing Industry would be happy to only deal with one set of rules, and not have to hassle with 50 differing sets of legislation.”

Ward has been a member of the Uniform Law Conference since 2005, but this was his first year presiding over one of the sessions. Ward said he paid his own way to attend the conference, and will not be seeking taxpayer reimbursement for this conference.

The Uniform Law Conference was established in 1892, and has produced more than 300 uniform acts focusing on such areas as commercial law, family or domestic relations law, estates, probate and trusts, real estate, implementation of full faith and credit, interstate enforcement of judgments, and alternate dispute resolution.