Thirteen qualify for Chelsea City Council race


CHELSEA – All of the incumbent Chelsea City Council members will have competition in the upcoming Aug. 28 municipal election.


Brian Horton, an employee of Biotech Limb and Brace, said he wants to improve existing youth facilities and build a multi-use sports facility.

“I would also like to see the annexation of more of the citizens of Shelby County, who utilize the Chelsea school system, into the city limits,” he said.

Incumbent Dale Neuendorf retired from the IBM Corporation after 30 years. He then worked in the home mortgage business. He is now fully retired and serves on the Chelsea City Council.

“I am running for re-election to the Chelsea City Council because we have a great city that we want to make even better,” Neuendorf said. “We know that we need more businesses and more sports and recreation facilities for all ages, and I am committed to make that happen within the next four years.”

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Will Lantrip, a personal trainer at Snap Fitness, said he felt called to run for City Council.

“I feel like a lot of what you see going on has been real sad. I feel like the good Lord above has called me to do it,” Lantrip said.

Incumbent Tony Picklesimer manages rental properties and is a buyer for a Birmingham business.

“I am running again for the City Council because we have gone through a very tough economic time and have come through to the other side. It is now time for our city to grow and flourish,” he said. “I want to complete the work we have started.”

Scott Weygand, a Farmers Insurance Agent in Chelsea, said he wants to proactively plan for Chelsea’s future growth.

“If elected, I am going to do this by designing a detailed plan of action for the city that will allow Chelsea to add the amenities that are needed, correct the traffic issues it currently has and create a group within the city that will specifically target corporations to get them to locate within Chelsea,” Weygand said.

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