Incumbents take Wilton races


WILTON – Incumbent Mayor Joe Fancher will see another four years as mayor of Wilton.

Fancher beat former Wilton Police Chief Frank Page 102 votes to 65 votes.

“I’m up for four more years,” Fancher said. “It’s just a calm, quiet town.

“I want to thank everyone for their support and all of the help I received from the community to continue with the next four years,” he added.

Page said Wilton residents aren’t looking for a change.

“The people didn’t want a change,” Page said. “I carried out a clean campaign. I didn’t sling mud or anything like that. They didn’t want a change. They want the same old, same old.”

The only contested Town Council seat was district 3, as JoAnn Hamm challenged incumbent Town Council member Jessica Smitherman Martin. Martin earned 22 votes, while Hamm acquired 12.

Martin, whose father served on the Town Council as well, said her father was her inspiration to join the council.

“I’m very excited the election went the way it did,” Martin said. “We’ve done a lot in the four years we’ve been in term. We got a park. We got on the national registry of historical buildings. We’ve really made some major accomplishments that Wilton’s never seen before. This next four years, I hope that we can do more good things.

“I just think we’re going to grow. We need to grow. We need to still be the small town, but modernize it a little bit.”