McCarty wins Wilsonville mayoral election

GRAHAM CARR / Staff Writer

WILSONVILLE — Wilsonville voters chose mayoral challenger Lee McCarty to lead them over the next four years, as McCarty defeated incumbent Rosemary Liveoak during the Wilsonville municipal election Aug. 28.

McCarty had 313 votes of 576 voters, which amounted to 54 percent of the vote.

Lee McCarty said he was honored and humbled to win the race, but would let Mayor Liveoak finish out her term without interference.

“Mayor Liveoak has done an outstanding campaign,” McCarty said. “She came over and graciously congratulated me. She is still mayor and she will be for two months. I will be laying low and then, I will be ready.”

Liveoak received 263 of the votes, which amounted to 46 percent of the vote.

Liveoak said she was hurt, but she believed McCarty would work well with the council.

“I think together they will work to move our city forward,” Liveoak said.

In the at-large race for Wilsonville Town Council newcomer Ricky Ray Morris received the most votes with 428.

  • Incumbent Calvin Gill had the second highest number of votes with 411.
  • Newcomer Don Davis had the third highest number of votes with 401.
  • Incumbent Patricia R. “Pat” Johnson had the fourth highest number of votes with 394
  • Incumbent Dennis Blackerby had the fifth highest number of votes with 391.
  • Incumbent N. Alan Revis had the sixth highest number of votes with 388.
  • The seventh and final seat went to incumbent Terry Newman with 361 votes, placing him ahead of incumbent Melissa Rosetta by four votes.