Riverchase Baptist celebrates 25 years

Published 2:48 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Music Minister Murphy Maddox and Chrissy Pursell lead worship at Riverchase Baptist Church. (Contributed)


RIVERCHASE – Riverchase Baptist Church has served the Riverchase community for 25 years.

Rev. Jeff Greer, who has been the senior pastor since January 2009, said church membership has changed over the past 25 years.

“I think the church has gone through changes through the years, as some of those different people have come and gone,” Greer said. “I think the common thread that’s been woven through the history is this is a true community church. It sits in the middle of the Riverchase residential district. It ministers and reaches out to those first, then to Hoover, Pelham and Helena.

“That’s how we portray ourselves, as a church that’s part of the community,” he added. “Regardless of the membership that has moved in and out over the years, that one common thread has been consistent in what we do.”

David Bradley, one of the church’s charter members, said the First Baptist Church of Pelham originally sponsored Riverchase Baptist 25 years ago.

“The church was started with the intent of not being a mega church,” Bradley said. “We wanted to be a community church. If we reached a certain point, we wanted to support other churches. We’ve had a lot of mission work we’ve supported over the years.”

In honor of its 25th anniversary, the Oct. 7 Sunday morning service will reflect the mile-marker celebration.

Greer said all current and former members are invited to a joint Sunday school class and breakfast, where in members will share about their church experiences.

“We’ll also have a timeline of notable events and activities in the history of the church,” Greer said. “Even though the church is 25 years old, the building was not built until a few years after the church was born.”

According to Greer, the church members try to maintain a community feel in their church, even though the church has 520 members.

“We think there’s a segment of people who want that,” Greer said. “People want to know the people they go to church with. We take pride in knowing the senior adults are like grandparents to our children. We know our niche.”

For more information, visit Riverchasebaptist.org.