Fire department must be responsive

Dear Editor,

To the Volunteer Westover Fire Department, which had the nerve to send my mother a newsletter and bill for $100.

Since you never responded to the call for an elderly woman trapped in a house fire nearly two years ago, it will be a cold day in hell before I pay dues to your department. By the way, she passed away that day, Nov. 5, 2010.

She tried contacting your dept several times to inquire about coverage and couldn’t leave a message because the answering machine was full. Yet you have the nerve to address the bill to her?

Before you can whine about needing money, I believe you need to do your homework and respond to calls.

If in doubt, Google it.

Unfortunately Channel 6 news was crawling all over my property that day. Thank God for the Westover Fire Department (namely Jeff) for hearing the call for assistance and responding. It may have been too late but it was a response!

People, do your homework before you arbitrarily pay dues thinking you will get assistance.

Jackie Branch