Vincent officially becomes city


VINCENT – When the town of Vincent’s population was calculated at 1988 residents in the 2010 consensus, town leadership took another look at the map and asked for a recount.

Vincent Town Clerk Joy Marler said the U.S. Census Bureau sent a map to the town of the area surveyed.

“The top of the map had been folded down. They left out the very top of our circle. We knew that. (The excluded residents) had been in the city limits forever, and they had voted in the last census,” Marler said.

Town officials sent the names and addresses of those excluded from the survey to the U.S. Census Bureau, and after research, bureau officials found the town to be correct.

To become a city, a municipality must have at least 2000 residents.

According to a letter from the U.S. Census Bureau sent Oct. 3, Vincent is officially a city with 2003 residents and 901 housing units.

“There’s a little benefit in being a city,” Marler said. “Some of the different grants we could apply for are a little bit better for city grants than town grants.”

The newly elected City Council will vote to either keep the name of Vincent as “town of Vincent” or change to “city of Vincent,” Marler said.

The first official City Council meeting would have been Nov. 6, but due to state elections, the meeting has been moved to Nov. 20.