Alabaster BOE meets with principals

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Alabaster Board of Education Coordinator of Administrative Services Dr. Phillip Hammonds asked principals in Alabaster’s schools to help lay out the foundation for the Alabaster School System’s future central office during a Nov. 28 work session.

During the work session, Hammonds and Alabaster School Board Members Adam Moseley, Ty Quarles and Board President Melanie Shores met with Creek View Elementary Principal Brent Byars, Meadow View Elementary Principal Rachea Simms, Thompson Intermediate Principal Ke Jones, Thompson Sixth Grade Center Principal Wesley Hester and Thompson High Principal Daniel Steele.

“I think it’s important that we continue to have more meetings like this,” Hammonds said. “This is just a very informal time to visit.”

Hammonds told the principals the Alabaster School Board recently approved the job description for a school district chief financial officer, and said the board is looking to develop job descriptions for two more school system officials.

The school board is looking to approve job descriptions for a supervisor of curriculum instruction and a supervisor of special education over the next few months, and is looking to get feedback from Alabaster school administrators and faculty members to help develop the job descriptions, Hammonds said.

“These are two critical positions that will impact your operations,” Hammonds said. “What do we want these positions to look like?”

Several principals said they had already shared a “rough draft” of the two job descriptions with their faculty members, and will share their feedback with the Alabaster school board members.

Hammonds also asked for the principals’ help in determining how the city school system’s central office will be laid out.

“We have a unique opportunity of how this district envisions its central office. I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Hammonds said. “Just be thinking about how you would organize a central office that’s ideal for a system the size of Alabaster.”

Hammonds said the school board members and principals likely will hold another work session before the Christmas break.