Montevallo offers unique Christmas gifts

Bill Ford talks about the camouflage oversize Alabama chair for sale at Montevallo Drug. (Contributed)

By CATHERINE LEGG / Community Columnist

Most of us agree that it’s a good idea to shop at home, and Christmas is a splendid time to remember that. We found some really neat and unusual gifts among the abundance of the usual when we checked out a few of the Montevallo stores.

At Eclipse Coffee and Books, we found books written and signed by local and out-of-town authors. At Blue Phrog, among the wonderful locally made jewelry and pottery, there were some origami peace cranes — really beautiful and unique — made from wrapping paper by a lady in San Francisco.

Kristie Tatum, at Smitherman’s Pharmacy, suggested gift boxes of their delicious homemade candy, or the socks, scarves, hats, or gloves that just came in. Up the street at Serendipity we found a large assortment of antique dishes and glassware, and at Falcon Art Supply Becky Cox-Rodgers showed us some adorable art kits for children.

Monogrammed note cards were suggested by Iris Smitherman at the Type Shop, and at the Flower Shop on Island we found geo mesh ribbon and that “just right” Norfolk Pine tree for the corner of our den.

Across on Alabama 25, we dropped by Montevallo Drug where Bill Ford showed us the decorative mailbox covers we had been looking for, and to my surprise, a camouflage oversize Alabama chair; what a great gift for that Bama fan.

At Tractor Supply, we found an unusual collection of John Wayne memorabilia among the many other featured gifts.

Great Christmas presents are not always “things”; a meaningful gift might be one of these: a membership to the Student Activity Center at the University of Montevallo; a membership or lessons at the Montevallo Golf Club; music lessons (voice or almost any instrument) at UM; or a permit to fish at the UM lake.

“I’ve learned that I can find something for everyone right here in Montevallo,” said Mary Lou Williams, president of the local Chamber of Commerce. Williams invited those who need information or gift suggestions to call her office at 665-1519.


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