Consider your blessings at Christmas

Published 12:27 pm Tuesday, December 18, 2012

By JIM FUHRMEISTER / Guest Columnist

Here it is, the Christmas season once again. As I was enjoying Thanksgiving with my family, I marveled that the year has gone by so quickly.

When Dec. 1 rolled around, total shock set in; it seems like only yesterday I was celebrating Christmas by eating myself beyond stuffed and resolving to do something about those extra pounds I put on (they are still there)!

It’s been a good year. I have married and started my life with Cindy, a real blessing for me. My oldest son, Chris, has become engaged to Sally, a beautiful, smart, loving woman who is so good for him. Will, my youngest son, is finishing up his industrial design degree at Auburn and will graduate in May. He fought to get in this curriculum and has excelled.

My mom is still setting an example for us all by living life to its fullest. My wonderful ladies at the probate office continue to make me proud of their service to the people of Shelby County. Yes, it’s been a good year and I am truly blessed.

This is the time of year for all of us to enjoy family and friends and to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have them in our lives. It’s a time to reflect back on our accomplishments and shortcomings of the past year and to look forward with renewed resolve to make positive changes.

We should never be satisfied with what we have accomplished — there is always so much more to be done. We live in Shelby County, one of the most prosperous and fortunate counties in the state.

But we must never forget that in our county there are people who need our help and we must be determined in our commitment to continue to make positive change in the coming year. I may not be able to shed those extra pounds but I am confident that with your help, we can keep moving our county forward.

My prayer at this Christmas season is the same as my prayer all year long: May God bless every one of you; may he give you peace, comfort and joy during this Christmas season and throughout the year.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Fuhrmeister is the Shelby County probate judge.