Consider volunteering as driver

Published 12:02 pm Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Editor,

Shelby Baptist Medical Center’s Accredited Cancer Care Program is privileged to serve you. We take pride in every decision to entrust us with your care. As chairman of the Shelby Baptist Cancer Committee, I encourage you to consider the way we unite personal service of a local hospital with technological sophistication of a comprehensive cancer program.

As part of our commitment to you, we are partnering with the American Cancer Society to increase the array of resources available to the patients we serve. For many, a lack of access to regular transportation to our center for treatment means the difference between life and death.

But today, we’re working with the American Cancer Society to change that through the Road to Recovery Program. Using this resource, the American Cancer Society will train volunteer drivers for transportation of patients to their local oncology appointments. By participating as a volunteer driver you really can help save lives!

So today, I’m asking you to consider volunteering as a Road to Recovery driver. Hometown communities like ours have a heritage of resourcefulness, and now we can put that spirit to work for the good of those affected by cancer.

Individuals can always help, or your social club, church group, or service organization can assist these patients in need without a significant burden on just one person. Together, our partnership with you and the American Cancer Society will not only touch lives, but save them too.

Please volunteer your time today!

For more information on the program, please visit or call 800-277-2345. You can also get a schedule of upcoming trainings by calling Kristen Taylor at (205) 558-7861.

Christopher D. Jahraus

M.D. Chair

Shelby Baptist Cancer Committee