Nine counterfeit bills turn up in Columbiana


COLUMBIANA – Nine counterfeit bills turned up in Columbiana businesses during the month of January.

The counterfeit bills range from $20 to $100 increments, and have been discovered in restaurants and stores throughout the city.

“It’s not the first time it’s happened here, but it’s the first time in a while,” Columbiana Police Detective David Alexander said. “We want people to be cautious.”

Alexander said two felony warrants have been issued on those possibly printing the bills, and investigations are ongoing.

“We would caution people to closely examine their money,” Alexander said. “Anyone who looks at it very long can tell. The best way is to hold the bill up and look. The watermark face can’t be duplicated, and the security strip is embedded in the paper.”

Counterfeit bills continue to be discovered in Calera, as well. Five were turned into the Calera Police Department in late December, and four more have been found since then.

Calera Police Detective Tommy Palmer said other Shelby County communities are having issues, as well, but “we’re not ready to say if it’s connected.”

The police departments send counterfeit bills to the U.S. Secret Service, which then works “hand in hand” with the local police, Palmer said.

“Innocent people given money for transactions can be reimbursed if a case is made,” Alexander said.

Alexander encouraged residents to visit to review counterfeit bills.