Bobo leads in college and community

David Bobo is the director of media relations at Jeff State. (Contributed)

David Bobo is the director of media relations at Jeff State. (Contributed)

By BETH CHAPMAN / Community Columnist

Jefferson State Community College is filled with many leaders and David Bobo is at the top of the list. He is the director of community and media relations. He is also the president of the Leadership Shelby County Board of Directors.

Bobo says leadership is “about inspiration.” He adds, “Leaders influence a person’s attitude and empowers them to believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference.” He says inspiration is not just for a “select few” and that our daily actions and decisions offer a multitude of opportunities to be a great leader.

Bobo has an interesting perspecitve on leadership since he is president of Leadership Shelby County. He boasts that Shelby County is filled with leaders from all walks of life and every career field. He is quick to say that everyone in the group cares about people and gives their time and energy to make life better in our community.

In his role at Jeff State, Bobo sees the next generation of leaders every day. He sees both traditional and non-traditional students. “I am encouraged by the next generation of leaders. They are smart, gifted and understand good things come to those who work.” He encourages young leaders to get involved and to find their passion. He says chances are passion and involvement will create change for the better. “As you develop your leadership skills, you will inspire someone else to do more.”

“The outstanding quality of life offered in Shelby County does not happen by accident. I believe the leaders in our county truly care about doing things the right way to make a positive impact . . . in this community.”

Bobo is involved in many activities in Shelby County. He especially enjoys being a youth baseball and football coach. “I love helping young people gain confidence, improve their skills, learn teamwork and learn how to be a great teammate. It is a great feeling to help someone achieve things they didn’t think they could do.” He does a lot of that type of work at Jeff State.

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