Remembering Easter in the 1950s

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Memories, we all have them. Most will bring us a smile and a sense of nostalgia.

Stuffed Easter bunnies, beautiful pink, blue and green wrapped baskets, white chocolate and dark chocolate goodies from Elmore’s, Ben Franklin, Super 5&10, Kress or W. T. Grant.

The cross shines in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster. (Contributed)

The cross shines in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster. (Contributed)

New shoes for the girls and boys wore real dress shoes, not athletic sneakers. If a boy didn’t get a new suit, he might have a dress shirt or even a tie. Girls wore new outfits complete with starchy crinolines, gloves and of course, no matter what your age, an Easter hat.

Some of my friends got to wear stockings by the third grade but I wore neat turned down anklets with dressy ruffles through eighth grade. I may have been the only girl at First Presbyterian of Andalusia to wear flat shoes and socks until eighth grade.

Most of my clothes were made by my mother and my aunt. My Aunt Mary, who had no children of her own, was my guardian angel all through my childhood.

The anticipation of Easter Sunday began with the beginning of Lent. Our Sunday school flannel boards told the story of Jesus, his Jerusalem journey, capture and upcoming death. All of a sudden, the dogwoods and azaleas burst into bloom, the sanctuary took on all the vibrant colors of the stained glass windows as spring sunshine filled the air. We knew our resurrection celebration was close at hand.

Department store windows had been decorated for more than a month, local and church egg hunts were held, homemade wreaths were hung on doors and houses were filled with relatives awaiting that Easter ham, family games and a picnic or egg hunt.

Seems these days we are in too big of a rush. Let’s all slow down, reminisce with your kids and grandkids and let your favorite house of worship uplift your spirit this Easter. Let us all remember what Easter and the Cross really means in our lives.