Join AVRAL, support animal rights

Dear Editor,

The two recent instances of animal abuse and cruelty in Shelby County left me shocked and in tears. I’m talking about the young man who allegedly dismembered, skinned and hung up for display cats on the University of Montevallo campus and the tanning salon owner dog breeder who had 15 dogs (including one dead puppy) taken from his possession.

I am sure many other Shelby County residents and Alabamians are heartbroken and outraged about these instances and wondering what they can do to hopefully reduce animal abuse, cruelty and neglect and also reduce pet overpopulation.  They can join Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation (AVRAL).

AVRAL is a grassroots, non-partisan political action committee working to influence legislation and support the passage of policies favorable to the welfare of companion animals.

AVRAL supports the Animal Cruelty Neglect Bill (HB27) introduced this legislative session. HB27 would make it a crime to knowingly or with criminal negligence abuse an animal and increases the penalty to a Class A misdemeanor.

As well, HB27 adds aggravated animal cruelty to any act of cruelty or neglect that is “heinous, atrocious, cruel, or involves infliction of torture to the animal” for the crime to become a felony.

Other animal-related bills are HB238, which requires shelters and rescue groups to report statistics to Department of Health and HB188, which supports spay/neuter clinics.

Joining AVRAL is free. It allows you to stay updated on political candidates and impending legislation and provides you with steps you can take to show your support or disapproval of both. To help join the fight to save Alabama’s pets, visit

Lacey Bacchus