School safety requires new traffic lights

Dear Editor,

Chelsea has been gradually growing in population year after year.

Chelsea’s school system has gone from one building holding kindergarten through 12th grade to having three elementary schools, an intermediate school, a middle school and a high school.

In 2003, two out of the three elementary schools opened up in the back end of the Chelsea Park neighborhood.

There are two ways to get out of the Chelsea Park neighborhood; both involve crossing the major road, U.S. 280.

U.S. 280 is a four-lane road with much traffic throughout the day.

Keep in mind that people these days tend to keep an electronic device sitting in front of their faces or try to multitask while keeping their eyes on the road.

Buses full of small children have to cross these intersections twice a day. It’s only a matter of time before one of these buses is hit.

This is why we need one, or two, traffic lights at these intersections. I have asked 35 parents and teachers about this topic and 80 percent of them agree with me.

Not only does the lack of a traffic light back up traffic and make parents late for work, but this kind of traffic also backs up high schoolers trying to make it to class before the tardy bell rings.

It takes more time for a bus to make it across the two-lane road, and there are very few chances for a bus to do that — especially without any close calls.

The bus drivers have enough on their plate to worry about. They don’t need to stress about trying to make it across an intersection safely twice a day.

Jesse Vohler