After-school care will not change for Alabaster students next year

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Alabaster parents and students will see no changes in after-school care offerings during the next school year, according to Alabaster City Schools’ interim superintendent.

During the Alabaster School Board’s June 6 meeting, Interim Superintendent Kari Johnson said the upstart city school system will retain the same after-school care  program offered by Shelby County Schools for the 2013-2014 school year.

“We all pretty much said that the most important thing is that Alabaster City Schools stays the same, so there’s no question,” said Johnson, who is serving as Alabaster City Schools’ interim superintendent through June until full-time superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers arrives on July 1. “We just want to make sure the parents know the kids have somewhere to go after school.

“It will be a quality program, just like it’s always been,” Johnson added.

In other business:

The School Board voted to enter into a contract with the Kelly Educational Staffing company, which provides substitute teacher management services.

Kelly Staffing also provides substitute teacher management services to the Shelby County School System.

Through the Kelly system, teachers are able to enter sick or vacation days on an electronic database. The database alerts a list of approved substitute teachers, who are then able to sign up to cover in a teacher’s absence.

Kelly Staffing representatives previously said they planned to charge Alabaster City Schools the same rate charged to Shelby County Schools for the services.

-Heard a budget update from Alabaster Chief School Financial Officer Sarita Tapscott. Tapscott said the city’s school fund, which is fed by the city’s 1-cent sales tax increase passed in 2011, will top $7 million at the end of September.

Tapscott predicted Alabaster City Schools will have about $10.5 million in revenues and about $6.9 million in expenses at the end of September.

“We came out pretty good in the wash,” Tapscott said of the difference between the expenses and revenues. “We were thinking it would be closer to (a) $3 million (surplus).”