An idea to improve U.S. 280

Dear Editor,

I travel over Double Oak Mountain almost every day. What ceases to amaze me is why the Alabama Department of Transportation does not do something about the large trucks blocking both lanes.

If ALDOT would add one more lane (east and west) from Dunnavant Valley Road to Hugh Daniel Drive, then post signs that all 18 wheeler trucks must use only the one far right lane between these two roads (both east and west), so much of the U.S. 280 traffic problem would have been solved.

This would only work if law enforcement would spend at least a month writing tickets and then enforce this law thereafter. Note that there is much more room there than many other places where lanes are being added.
That is my dream for U.S. 280. Imagine how much nicer that portion of U.S. 280 would be. I’m afraid such a plan as this will never happen — it’s too logical!

Marsha Acton