Lacagnina shows determination and love

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

The mental image of a great-grandmother in her rocking chair will quickly disappear when you meet Faye LaCagnina of Alabaster.

A local resident for more than six years now, community, civic, church and social involvements are her pleasure.

Faye LaCagnina volunteers to help several different groups all over Alabaster and Shelby County. (Contributed)

Faye LaCagnina volunteers to help several different groups all over Alabaster and Shelby County. (Contributed)

Known by all as a “fashion plate,” this lovely lady has Alabaster ties. Her parents were mill villagers back in the day. She recalls her father (even though his own family had many needs) hunting, fishing and sharing with the “track” people in the backside of the village.

“Daddy loved to do good and raised us to work hard and share,” she said.

Faye LaCagnina had big dreams, left our area for Chicago, New York, New Jersey and other large metro areas for the beauty business.

After raising four kids alone, she met and later married Richard LaCagnina at a Parisian promotion she was doing in Atlanta. Being mother to four children, grandmother of eight and great grandmother to four is life’s greatest joy according to LaCagnina.

LaCagnina is a member of Pelham First Baptist Church, where she is active in her Sunday School class (Agape), Cheer-Givers and Women on Mission.

Known to volunteer for anything and everything, LaCagnina helps where needed with church functions, seniors, veterans, nursing homes, hospice and at Shelby Baptist Medical Center where she volunteers more than 20 hours per week. Along with her hospital work visiting shut-ins and nursing homes are two of her favorite things to do.

On the fourth Monday of each month, LaCagnina hosts a themed luncheon for the girls of her Sunday School class.

Themes include New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are luncheons for birthdays, surprise gift bags, guest speakers (Mrs. Senior Shelby County, Cindy Nicholson, this week), a short devotional and lots of laughter, hugs, sharing of joys and problems……blessings galore.

The delicious food, all displayed elegantly, is heavenly and served on fine china and full table dress. These senior citizens are treated like royalty thanks to Faye LaCagnina’s determination and love.