White Rock Quarries gathering permits


VINCENT – White Rock Quarries is in the process of securing permits to begin a mining operation in Vincent after battling several cases in court.

Kathy Copeland, director of governmental and public relations for White Rock Quarries, told South Shelby County Chamber of Commerce members Sept. 5 that it would probably be 2014 before the company would finish securing permits. She also said they would probably hold two more public forums within the next year.

“It’s been a long time coming for White Rock,” Copeland said. “We have battled civil court, then we went to the Supreme Court. The lawsuits are over now. The town has been declared doing the right thing, which is good and allows us to move forward.”

White Rock has already applied for its water and its air and environmental permits, Copeland said. The company has also been working with the Army Corps of Engineers and has done some archeological work in the area.

“It’s pretty well known now that we did find a burial ground on our property, and we have sectioned that off, and we are going to protect it and we are going to work around it,” she said.

“We’re excited about coming to Vincent. This company is very, very committed to what we’re doing, and they’re also committed to being a good neighbor to the community in which we live.”

Vincent mayor Ray McAllister said one of the benefits of the quarry is that it will bring 125 jobs with it.

“We need jobs in our part of Shelby County,” McAllister said. “We need jobs badly, and anything that can help us to put people back to work.”