Huter a dedicated wife, mother and employee

Charity Huter is a circulation clerk at Alabaster's Albert L. Scott Public Library. (Contributed)

Charity Huter is a circulation clerk at Alabaster’s Albert L. Scott Public Library. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Coming to Alabaster in mid seventh grade Charity Huter was determined to settle in, and did so by finding a church home and youth group.

“Anytime the doors were open, I was there,” Huter said. “My desire was to show others what Christ meant to me and I loved to help through missions while growing as a Christian.”

She had many mentors who helped her along the way.

After graduating from Thompson High School, Huter attended Jefferson State Community College working through a cooperative program at Chase Learning Center in Pelham. Even though she had always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, that dream now seemed to be an impossibility.

Soon, she was married and became mother to Eric and Charli Amato. A four-year stint working in the child nutritional program at Pelham High School led her back to school (night classes) at Faulkner University and then to UAB as a full-time student working toward a degree in astro physics and astronomy.

Of course, none of this could have happened without the support of her husband, Graham Brown.

“We lean on each other and are inseparable. He is a cable engineer with Ervin Cable Construction. Our children, Holli age 3, and Brody age 9 months, along with Eric, age 11 and Charli, age 5, make up our family” said Huter. “My mother-in-law is a blessing who keeps my babies while I work”.

Wanting to be a full-time mother, Huter said she almost felt guilty returning to the workplace. Nevertheless, she applied for a position as a circulation clerk at the Alabaster Library in 2011. Hired after interviewing twice, Huter is very happy with her job and is a real asset to the library. Helpful, knowledgeable and always smiling, Huter is “people friendly.”

This lady is off the board in her varied interests, hobbies, etc. Photography, decorating, Earth science, astronomy, Pinterest, mythology, biographies, church and her children are included on her list.

“I can’t be Superwoman (my mom reminds me), but I really try hard. I want to be the very best that I can be in all my jobs”.

Being a good Christian, wife, mother and employee and dealing with all of life’s curveballs fills the calendar for Charity Huter.