Trash change a major misstep

Dear Editor,

Shelby County Commission, can you say “major mess up”? 
For 15 cents a month I would gladly take Waste Management back!

Waste Pro isn’t able to deliver a trash can much less pick one up!!! How about I bring all of the garbage that is accumulating at my house and drop it at your curbside? 
I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in you. I don’t mind paying 15 cents a month more as long as I’m getting service. Right now I am not getting service and there is no way to contact Waste Pro. I went to their web site and was going to send an email to the CEO. Not possible. But I did send him a letter and let him know how “efficient” his people are. 
Thank you, commissioners, for all of your hard work. I will be forever grateful.

Jerri Corn