Budweiser distribution plant opening Dec. 2 in Harpersville


HARPERSVILLE – A Budweiser distribution plant will begin operating in Harpersville Dec. 2, bringing a potential for jobs that could open up for local residents within the next year, according to Harpersville Mayor Theoangelo Perkins.

The new 102,000-square-foot space on U.S. 280 will take the place of a 60,000-square-foot facility in Sylacauga. Bama Budweiser Vice President and Managing Partner Sammy Blocker said the Sylacauga facility will close the day after Thanksgiving, and about 55 employees from the Sylacauga plant will move to the Harpersville facility.

Although no positions are open currently, Blocker said the plant would begin accepting applications after the Dec. 2 opening date.

“As turnover happens, we will hope that people from Harpersville will be applying for those jobs,” he said. “We’re very happy and excited to be in Harpersville.”

Perkins said he is excited because of the potential for jobs the facility brings and because it’s a “first class facility.”

“I believe them choosing to come here shows that we are business-friendly and a wonderful location,” Perkins said. “I’m hopeful this starts a trend of industrial-type businesses coming here.”

Blocker said the facility is already receiving product and will serve as a distribution center for Shelby, Coosa, Chilton, Calhoun, Talladega and Cleburne counties.

Harpersville was chosen to house the facility because of its central location, visibility on U.S. 280 and location within the county that is the “largest portion of our business,” he said.

Another facility in Anniston is expected to close and merge with the Harpersville facility in 2015. About 30 employees are expected to move from Anniston to Harpersville with the merge.