Give credit where credit is due

By GINNY COOPER/Staff Writer

Thursday, April 3, I had the great honor of attending Montevallo’s Citizens’ Night Awards Banquet. It was a night full of good food, great conversation and inspiring speakers.

Before coming on board at the Shelby County Reporter, I had never visited the quaint city, despite living less than an hour away. I’d heard a lot about the Purple vs. Gold rivalry at the university through passionate alumni and had many friends who volunteered at the American Village, but I’d never set foot in the town.

From the moment I went for my first interview, I was smitten. Not just with the beautiful Southern gothic campus and historic Main Street, but also with the passion and commitment to improvement many Montevallo citizens portray.

From the Main Street revitalization project, to the proposed improvements to City Hall, the city of Montevallo is constantly working to make things better.

The citizens of Montevallo are working with similar zeal, I learned last night, when I had the chance to learn of all the good work being done by these incredible people.

“Dollar Bill” Lawson and his wife, Mary, chosen as the Civic Leaders of the Year, were especially inspiring.

“He is dedicated to making people’s lives better,” Steve Gilbert, executive director of the Montevallo Chamber of Commerce said of “Dollar Bill.” “He is quick to lent his talents whenever possible.”

In accepting the award, “Dollar Bill” stressed that Montevallo has done much more for him than he has done for the community, giving him great friends, an excellent place to live and his wife, Mary.

Though I do not live in Montevallo, I had to agree. In my time covering the community, the dedication and commitment of the citizens of Montevallo has given back to me, and inspired me to become more active in my own city.