Stray dogs should be addressed

Dear Editor,

I am extremely disappointed in Dr. Charles Thornburg and the Shelbiana Animal Clinic for opposing this free clinic in Wilsonville. He is obviously worried about his own bottom line and never considered that even though some persons that can afford these services would take advantage of a free clinic; those who cannot afford it will let their pets go without. I have five animals that go to Shelbiana and am considering going to another local clinic.

Dr. Rhonda Ellison is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and licensed to perform these services and works in a local clinic. She and the Shelby County Humane Society had partnered to offer the free clinic in Wilsonville. In addition to vaccinations, the clinic would have offered low-cost rabies, feline and canine vaccination packages, free micro-chipping and free ID tags to all pets, as well as low and no cost spay and neuter surgeries. Stray dogs are a problem in Wilsonville and apparently will continue to be thanks to the efforts of Dr. Thornburg.

Ken Smith