THS teaches environmental science

Thompson High School students are responsible for caring for the garden at the school. (Contributed)

Thompson High School students are responsible for caring for the garden at the school. (Contributed)

By ALLIE CAMPBELL / Community Columnist

Nerissa DeRamus and John Cole teach the six environmental science classes at Thompson High School this year.

Students learn about the environment and things such as agriculture, pollution, and what students can do to make a positive impact on the environment. Students also learn about the basic food chain and how it connects with the environment.

“It is a fun class,” 11th-grade student David Carter said. “We attend many trips with hands-on activities that allow us to learn how we impact the environment every day.”

Last school year, students created a garden at Thompson High School in the courtyard between the 100 and 200 halls. This school year, students have installed five greenhouses to enhance the growth of plants before they are placed in the garden.

Every student is required to control a two foot section in the garden and maintain the life of their plants. The garden is all organic and the students are allotted very few tools to work with.

“I think the students are able to get their hands into it and know what it’s like to grow produce,” said DeRamus.

In addition to the greenhouses, a system that collects rainwater has also been installed so students can have a natural source to water the plants. Students have selected to grow strawberries, cucumbers, squash and peppers. Currently, the only plants that are beginning to produce are strawberries.

Over the summer, DeRamus and Cole will continue to care for the plants in place of the students. The produce is usually fully grown by the time school starts in August. After being picked, DeRamus and Cole offer high school teachers the produce students grew last year.

Crystal Lamar took home a tomato plant at the end of last school year.

“They grew very well, and they were some of the best tomatoes I have ever had,” Lamar said.

Future students will continue to grow the garden for years to come, enhancing their knowledge about the environment.


Allie Campbell is on the staff of the Thompson High School TribeUne student newspaper.