Harpersville Jack’s undergoing renovations

Renovations begun Memorial Day weekend at Jack's in Harpersville. (Contributed)

Renovations begun Memorial Day weekend at Jack’s in Harpersville. (Contributed)

By GINNY COOPER / Staff Writer

HARPERSVILLE—Jack’s in Harpersville will be getting a facelift in the coming weeks, with new furniture, floors and expanded parking.

“Jack’s has served the Harpersville community since March of 1995. It is time for a facelift,” Jack’s Director of Marketing Pam Measel said.

Inside renovations began Memorial Day weekend, and the restaurant will continue normal operations throughout the process. After the improvements inside the building are finished, work on the expanded parking lot will begin.

There is no set schedule of improvements at this time, and weather will impact how long the renovations take, a spokesperson for Jack’s said.

“We are excited that we will be able to have our new building concept in Harpersville and look forward to sharing our fresh look and additional parking with our customers,” Measel said.