Hold them to their word

For the past few months, roads throughout Shelby County and much of Alabama have been lined with signs promoting a gamut of political candidates. Television and radio ads have broadcast platforms and promises from those looking to represent us on a state, local or national level.

Last Tuesday, tens of thousands of Shelby County residents visited the polls to vote for the candidates they thought would best represent them. While several races impacting Shelby County are now going to a runoff in a few weeks, some races were decided in the June 3 Republican primary.

As citizens, our most important job comes after we decide which elected officials will represent us – regardless of the level or political affiliation. While campaigning and debating, candidates often voice their stances on a number of important issues and vow to work toward a particular goal if they are elected.

As those who vote these representatives into office, it is our right and our duty to hold them accountable and make sure they do what they said they would when they were seeking our votes.

Now is also the time to research the candidates who have made it to the Republican runoffs later this month, and those running in contested races in the November general election.

Every person elected to represent Shelby County – even if it’s just a portion of the county – impacts our lives in some way. Local and state offices, such as Alabama Senate and House of Representative seats, directly impact our daily lives each year, and those we send to Washington, D.C., serve as the face of our state to the nation.

Regardless of which political party we align with, we all owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to be as informed as possible when we exercise our right to vote.