Craig receives high marks in superintendent evaluation


HOOVER — The Hoover Board of Education reviewed an evaluation of Superintendent Andy Craig during its regular board meeting June 9, and the results were favorable.



The Alabama Association of School Boards, a nonprofit organization that provides training and informational resources to the state’s public school boards, conducted the evaluation. Susan Salter, AASB Director of Leadership Development, presented the results.

Salter said the AASB mailed evaluation surveys to parents, school board members, administrators, principals and city officials. They rated Craig on a scale of  1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (exemplary) in various categories, among them educational leadership, financial management, community relations, professional development and leadership, and technology management.

Craig received above standard marks overall, earning his highest marks in technology management, facilities management and financial management, and his lowest marks in personnel management and communication and interpersonal skills, and community relations. Craig’s lowest marks still met standard performance requirements.

Paulette Pearson, outgoing school board president, applauded the evaluation method “because it not only includes the board, but also the administrators, who report directly to Mr. Craig, the principals, and, very importantly, it includes the community.”

Following the presentation, Craig said he will further review the evaluation results and work to make improvements.

“We’re lifelong learners in Hoover, and I’m including myself in that group,” Craig said.

To read the evaluation, click here.