Summer sports coverage: shaking things up a little bit

By DREW GRANTHUM/Sports Editor

As you can probably guess, once the school sports seasons end, things tend to slow down a little.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing; we get a chance to be creative, and sports that might not get front page coverage during the school year take center stage.

I actually really enjoy it. There’s no sport I like more than any other —honest— but I am a fan of shaking things up from time to time.

It also gives you, the reader, a chance to make a direct impact on the product you hold in your hands.

Since there’s no schedule to follow provided by an athletic association for the summer months, we’re reliant on you to help us decide what goes in the sports section.

If you know of something on the horizon that falls under sports, let us know. I’m all ears. From little league all-stars to motocross to fishing tournaments to eight ball tournaments, I’m interested in it.

Even if we can’t be there to cover it in person, if you can provide us with detailed information and a 2 MB picture, we can run it.

Not sure if you’re T-ball team is worthy of running? Call down to the office and let’s talk about how the Tigers did. Think you have the most interesting concession stand concoction on the planet (or at least the county)? Shoot me an email and fill me in. Won three straight feature races down at the speedway? I’d love to talk about what went into building the car. Finally land that 11-pound largemouth? If you don’t call me and give me those details, I will be upset.

I know the job description says sports editor, but I’m more of a “sports enthusiast.” I will listen/read anyone and anything, so try me. Last year we had a lot of great stories from youth sports and the outdoors, and I want to make that happen again.

My email’s listed in the About Us section of the site, and I can’t wait to hear from you.