Coach’s Life Lessons: Devon Hind shares his motivational letters new book

Coaches are known for motivating pep talks, mentoring athletes on and off the field, building students’ character and encouraging words.

Now, everyone can feel that type of inspiration by reading Devon “Coach” Hind’s book, “Run for Your Life: 21 Years of Inspirational Letters from a Coach to His Athletes.”

Hind, who grew up in Auburn Hills, Michigan, started running track when he was a ninth grader. He wasn’t planning on being a coach, but that changed after attending the University of Alabama where a coach told him about a job at Berry High School.

He started working as the track and cross-country coach in 1978 and stayed there for three years before leaving and starting a lawn service company. Then in 1993, he returned to coaching at Simmons Middle School. After 10 years there, he became the coach at Hoover High School. Now in his 11th year as the varsity coach at Hoover, Hind has been a part of 20 state championships and 24 runner-ups.

To read more about Devon Hind of Hoover High School, check out the July 2014 issue of Hoover’s Magazine. Find your copy here.