Family ‘overwhelmed’ by community support

Published 3:33 pm Thursday, July 10, 2014


ALABASTER—For the Weaver family, finding out seven-year-old Kaitlyn Weaver has Von Willebrand disease and a connective tissue disorder was an answer to many health questions.

“Basically, her body does not produce the glue that holds blood clots together, and her tissues swell and ooze blood when she experiences trauma,” her mother, Michelle Weaver, explained.

Since January, Kaitlyn Weaver has been in a wheelchair, a cast or a boot. Recently, she has undergone four surgeries, three casts for her foot and two walking boots, her mother said.

“That’s hard for a seven-year-old,” Michelle Weaver said.

So when close to 100 people gathered at the Dairy Queen in Alabaster to celebrate a special gift to the Weaver family—a trip to Disney World—they were “overwhelmed” at the community support.

“It was just so overwhelming,” Michelle Weaver said of the unique opportunity, provided by Magic Moments and Hartbrook Clothier. “They (Harbrook Clothier) are a family-based Christian Company out of Birmingham, and they actually had prayer over my daughter the night they came out.”

Faith has been vital to the Weaver family throughout the difficult medical process, and Michelle Weaver emphasized the support of their church, First Baptist Church of Alabaster.

“We are so appreciative of the prayers and support of our church. Without them, we would not have made it this far,” she said.

This is the third child Hartbrook Clothier has sponsored through Magic Moments, and Michelle Weaver said the whole family is excited for their trip.

Kaitlyn Weaver, her twin brother Jacob who has been “unbelievably supportive,” Michelle Weaver and her husband Scott will all spend a week at Disney World.

“It’s going to be an incredible blessing,” Michelle Weaver said. “She can do what she wants to do even when she can’t walk.”

The trip will also provide a welcome respite for Michelle and Scott Weaver.

“It will just be a break from the stress for seven days,” Michelle Weaver said. “We can just have fun for seven days.”