Ballantrae to host Get Golf Ready

Ballantrae to host Get Golf Ready. (FILE)

Ballantrae to host Get Golf Ready. (FILE)

By DREW GRANTHUM/Sports Editor

Those who suffer from a bad tee shot, putting problems and even the yips may have new life, thanks to a program being put on at Ballatrae Golf Club.

Ballantrae will begin another round of Get Golf Ready starting July 26. Get Golf Ready is a national program put on by the PGA of America in an attempt to get golfers of all ages and experience levels a chance to learn the game or improve their skills.

The program is currently in the midst of its second tenure this year, having already had one round of the program completed in 2014.

Ballantrae general manager Butch Byrd said the program was designed to help develop of love for the game of golf by instill the proper mechanics on a basic level.

“Every sport is based on strong, sound fundamentals,” he said. “Golf is no different. Most golfers sort of plateau, (because) sadly they’ve never had someone teach them (strong fundamentals).”

Byrd also said that the course was open to everyone interested in playing or bettering their skill level at the game.

“We’ll take anyone and everyone,” he said. “We had a guy that was a 12 handicap (take the class). It really does apply to everyone.”

Byrd said one of the issues potential golfers run into is fear of embarrassment in front of a large group. Byrd said player conduct is another thing the program stressed.

“They’re going to get a lot of personal attention,” he said. “(We) try not to go above 10 (in attendance). In the last segment, one of the things (taught) is how to behave, golf course etiquette. So many little things, we take them and show them.”

He went on to say the program at Ballantrae did everything possible to make sure golfers felt at ease attending.

“We try to get (everybody) comfortable with getting out there and playing,” he said. “All they need to do is show up. One thing (we do) is to make sure we have a good time.”
For more information on the program, contact the golf shop at Ballantrae at 620-4653, or visit