Lakeview United Methodist starts the Oak Mountain Miracle

Pelham's Lakeview United Methodist church is participating in the Oak Mountain Miracle service day on Sept. 29. (Contributed)

Pelham’s Lakeview United Methodist church is participating in the Oak Mountain Miracle service day on Sept. 29. (Contributed)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

PELHAM—Birmingham has the Magic City Miracle, and now Pelham will have the Oak Mountain Miracle. The Lakeview United Methodist church is partnering with several other congregations to put on the first edition of the community service day on Sept. 28.

“It’s showing the love of Christ in a very practical way in our community,” Lakeview United Methodist Senior Pastor Michael Miller said of the “multi-denominational” service project.

The first edition of the Oak Mountain Miracle will focus on assisting needy families. Volunteers will work at four service sites throughout the day. Three sites involve construction and home improvement, including fixing up a “dilapidated house” for a family to move into.

“They don’t even have stairs going up to the second floor,” Miller said of the dilapidated house.

Volunteers will also work at Oak Mountain Missions Ministries, a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance to those in need in both Shelby County and the Birmingham area.

“(We’re) doing anything and everything they need us to do,” Miller said.

Miller said the public response to the Oak Mountain Miracle has been strong and the event is funded by community grants and sponsors.

“I’m really encouraged by the community response,” Miller said. “I really think this is going to (have) a great community impact.”

So far, 75 volunteers have signed up to participate in the first edition of the service day, and Miller said he hopes to see growth in the future.

“We’re hoping it will grow exponentially… There is so much need,” Miller said. “We’re hoping this will spread.”

The Oak Mountain Miracle will begin at 11 a.m. on Sept. 28 and continue to 5 p.m. Miller said volunteers are still welcome to sign up, and encouraged anyone interested to call Lakeview United Methodist church at 663-3309.

“It’s about getting outside ourselves and outside these walls and loving on people,” Miller said.