Football’s popular this time of year, but far from the only show in town [COLUMN]

By DREW GRANTHUM/Sports Editor

It’s October, which, in this part of the country means it’s the heart of football season.

In fact, I wrote a column a few weeks ago about it being the heart of said football season, and went on to talk about the many and varying great things that come with it being football season.

I’m not going to do that this time around.

Not because I feel any pressure to avert your attention from the gridiron, but because there are so many other great things going on sports-wise that need and deserve attention.

There are certain feats that individuals are achieving within the county that I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about. For example, Terri Sullivan’s cross-state ride is a huge accomplishment, and as I stated last week, is hard to fathom. Her persistence and stamina is incredible, and the fact she not only broke the record, but broke it by several hours is still mindboggling.

Add to the list of solitary accomplishments that are worthy of mention Jordon Bray’s selection by the Under Armour company to represent their brand. Jordon is quite the track star, and hasn’t even hit double digits in age yet. The fact that she is already so accomplished — 75 medals at 8-years-old is nothing to sneeze at — is something Calera as well as the rest of the county should recognize.

Also, all our county volleyball teams are starting to hit the last run of games before hitting the postseason. Any one of them could get hot and make their way to their state tournament, and we’ll be here to cover the action.

While on the subject of volleyball and accomplishments, the amazing work put in by the Kingwood Christian JV volleyball team is simply stunning. To win two-straight state titles is impressive enough, but to go undefeated in the process — both years, even — is close to impossible. The fact that Coach Boyd and his team have been able to go 49-0 is something special, and the squad should get the recognition they deserve.

While it’s true that football season is in full swing, it’s far from the only show around. Need more proof than these athletes and teams?

I didn’t think so.