Thankful for community

From Staff Reports
Last week, a few of our staff members took time to visit some of our local elementary schools in what is one of our favorite stories each year. While there, we asked kids and their parents what they were thankful for, and, as always, the responses were wonderful and interesting.
At Alabaster’s Creek View Elementary School, third-grader Abby Mohon took a patriotic approach toward answering the question “What are you thankful for this year?”
“The soldiers, my mom and our symbols, like the American flag,” Abby said.
Her mother, CVES physical education teacher Catherine Mohon, also had a nice answer.
“I’m thankful for my family, and for what a great community we have,” said Catherine Mohon, who recently headed up a fundraiser to help the city’s former police chief, who is battling a rare lung disease. “I’m happy we can all come together as a city and support each other.”
We share many feelings with the Mohons as we take a step back to count our blessings this time of year. While we are thankful every day to work, and in most cases, live, in one of the best counties in the United States, this time of year brings those thoughts to the forefront.
We have had some wonderful opportunities this year to tell some amazing stories from folks in Shelby County’s communities, and for that we are thankful.
We have had a chance to cover some incredible student-athletes, and even a few state championships, over the past year, and we are always thankful to see many of these students continue their careers at the next level in college.
We are thankful for some of the best school systems in the nation, and we feel blessed to have a chance to tell stories of those systems’ successes.
Happy Thanksgiving, Shelby County, and thank you for letting us tell your stories.