Meet Tara and Sadie

Published 3:11 pm Monday, January 12, 2015


Sometimes a really great dog is just a little misunderstood. Meet Tara and Sadie from Shelby Humane Society. These two good-looking black lab mixes are sweet, smart and waiting for a family to be loyal to. They could easily be considered misfits for past behaviors-digging, chewing and jumping. But their actions are their words; they are trying to tell us they need sometime more.





Tara and Sadie are looking for homes that welcome them inside to be near their people but they will need regular exercise by either playing fames in the backyard, going for a walk, taking a hike or even a run. Tara is 2-years-old and 55 pounds and Sadie is a year old coming in at 57 pounds. Tara and Sadie will be at their best with some basic obedience training-when they are able to show off how smart they are and how much they want to please you!
We invite you to visit our shelter in Columbiana Tuesday-Saturday noon-5:30 p.m.-new and different pets are available day to day-come out and find your match! You can also check us out on facebook, or visit our website at Choose Shelby Humane Society and help save a life!