Taking a glimpse at the real world

From Staff Reports

Phrases such as “Wow, that’s expensive,” “I’m out of money” and “I need to thank my parents” were common in Thompson High School’s gymnasium on the morning of Jan. 15 as students got a feel for what life will be like after high school.
Through the “Keeping it Real” program, which the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce is hosting at all Shelby County high schools this school year, students are given a life scenario and are then tasked with balancing their expenses with their income.
GSCCC and community volunteers manned tables representing expenses such as insurance, housing, clothing and groceries – all which carried prices based on Shelby County’s market.
Students also were able to choose to seek higher education – which came with tuition costs – or a second job to add to their income.
For many of the THS freshmen who went through the program, Keeping it Real offered a startlingly real glimpse at what life will be like after they are no longer under their parents’ care.
Lily Hagemeyer and her friends Katharine Mandy and Holly Morgan said some of the expenses caught them off guard.
“Insurance, that was crazy. It’s so expensive,” Hagemeyer said after completing the program.
“I’ve got to give it to my parents. I was shocked by the price of everything,” Mandy said.
We’ve heard similar comments while covering other Keeping it Real program events in the county’s schools in the past, and we applaud the GSCCC for creating this program and maintaining it for Shelby County’s students.
No matter where in the nation you are, some students will always have a tough time adjusting to life after high school. Anything we can do now to help prevent that unpreparedness will pay dividends in the future.